Perfect Fit Blind Information

The Perfect Fit system consists of three components,

  1. An aluminum extrusion that is cut to length
  2. 4 Nylon corner pieces and 4 Nylon corner covers
  3. A pleated or venetian blind

The Pleated or Venetian Blinds are mounted to the aluminum extrusion and the whole assembly fits against the glass of a double glazed window or door. It is held into place by spring clips which slide in between the glass and the black rubber gasket of the double glazed unit. This enables the end user to clip and unclip the Perfect Fit blind from the window at any time without causing any damage to the window or the blind itself.

The blind becomes part of the window and as such enables the window to be opened for ventilation whilst the blind provides shade without the flapping you get with other types of blinds. There is also the added advantage of not having any loose cords so these are completely CHILD PROOF. This is the ultimate easy clip to fit, D.I.Y. blind on the market with a 3 YEAR GUARANTEE.

Perfect Fit blinds fit 95% of all U.P.V.C. windows and these include: –

We can also fit these to bi-fold doors provided the gap between the doors is greater than 25mm when folded.

The Perfect Fit Blind system clips to the window. This allows the window to be opened for ventilation leaving you free to choose if the blind is open or closed for privacy. The window sill is kept free at all times. The Perfect Fit blind frame protrudes 6mm from the window frame so it will not normally interfere with the window handles but on the rare occasion that they do, we supply spacers to give the correct clearance to all of our customers, free of charge.

The pictures on this page show the neatness and versatility of the Perfect Fit blind system. It was no surprise to us, or our customers, that this blind system became the runaway success that it is and has become our number one seller.

We offer a FREE Sample service to ensure that you get the exact colour match that you require. Unfortunately, we can only send you a maximum of 5 samples. Simply leave your details on our Contact Us page with the colours you require and these will be dispatched to you by first class post.