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Perfect Fit

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Clearance & seals

Measure Glass Size

Measure Window Depth

Step 1.


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Check clearance around the window

The Perfect Fit framework needs a minimum of 6mm clearance all round the window frame.

Seals must not protrude over the glass by more than 6mm. If the seal is compressible, you can take a ‘bead to bead’ measurement if not, then take a ‘seal to seal’ measurement

Step 2.

Measure both the window and
the drop accurately

Howtomeasure 2 1
Howtomeasure 2 2

Measure both corners and the middle and use the smallest measurement taken.

Repeat the above step for the drop.

Step 3.


Window depth can be measured using a depth gauge. This give you the measurement from the face of window frame to the glass (normally range from 18mm to 24mm)

This will determine the size of the window fixing brackets required.

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