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Perfect Fit

Measuring, assembly & fitting instructions

Fitting Perfect Fit

Fitting the Frame

Step 1.

To ensure all brackets are in the correct position for fitting (85mm from beading) use a credit card in the corner of the windows to locate the bracket position.

For ease of insertion, use a lubricant in the form of washing up liquid on the base of each bracket.

Line up with edge of card


Line up the brackers with the base or top of the credit card (depending on which corner of the window you are working) and fit the bracket by pushing it between the glass and rubber seal of the window.

Repair fro all 4 corners of the window, and intermediate brackets (if required) then clean excess lubricant prior to fitting the frame.

Step 2.

Line up the holes in the frame with the tickets

Howtfit2 image1

Firmly press the frame down onot each bracket. Fit one side at a time for an easier installation

Step 3.

Howtfit2 image2

Your blind is now installed

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